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High Tech Misery in China

The National Labour Committee report on working conditions in the factories where keyboards are made in China. Nominal 81 1/4 hour weeks, mandatory overtime, fines for such trivial infractions as putting ones hands in their pockets, or raising head from work when guests visit the factory. The largest fines come from organizing unions, handing out [...]

Help Free Huseyin Celil, A Canadian Muslim Unjustly Arrested, Detained, Tortured, and Sentenced to Life in Prison in China

As the world focuses its attention on the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic games, help us pressure the Chinese government to return an innocent man back to Canada. Whether you can attend the rally or not, please send a letter to the Chinese embassy in Ottawa and consulate in Toronto (see sample letter below). WHO IS [...]

Slaying outrages China

The killing of a Chinese journalist by thugs in a coal-mining region has cast a deeper shadow over China’s corruption-plagued coal industry, where thousands of people die in explosions and other disasters every year.