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Israel Continues To Pound Gaza, Injure Civilians

The Gaza Strip was besieged by airstrikes from the Israeli military once again Monday morning. Conflicting reports from Israeli and Palestinians sources leave the total number killed or injured unknown.

Haiti, Aid and Imperialism: a film screening & book launch

Tuesday, May 15, 7:00pm. Cedar Tree Cafe, 418 Queen St., Fredericton Dinner menu served until 6:45pm. Beverages available during the event. Film Screening of Haiti: Where did the money go? Join Michele Mitchell for a film screening of her film, Haiti: Where did the money go? Millions of people gave billions of dollars to Haiti [...]

Not Another Extension Bring the Troops Home Now!

Canadian Peace Alliance Prime Minister Stephen Harper has suggested that Canadian Special Forces troops may remain in Afghanistan after 2014. This is the third time that Harper has lied to Canadians, saying that he will not extend the mission then flip-flopping and keeping troops in the war torn country. The Canadian Peace Alliance and Afghans [...]

David Heap on his capture at sea on the Canadian Boat to Gaza – Feb. 16th in Fredericton

Join us to hear David Heap give his firsthand account of the Freedom Waves to Gaza which took place in November, when Irish and Canadian boats tried to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. A linguistics professor at the University of Western Ontario and long time Palestine solidarity activist, Heap was on board the Canadian [...]

Palestinian demonstrator killed by IDF in West Bank protest

Mustafa Tamimi, 28, died of his wounds after being hit by a teargas canister fired by Israeli security forces in the village of Nabi Saleh.

Canadian and Irish ships set to challenge Israel’s illegal blockade with Freedom Waves to Gaza

The Canadian ship Tahrir and the Irish ship Saoirse have successfully reached international waters, marking the start of the Freedom Waves to Gaza campaign. The boats are currently in the Mediterranean Sea, preparing to sail for Gaza within a matter of hours. “Flowing out of the Freedom Flotillas, the Freedom Waves to Gaza are now [...]

RAWA activist speaks on 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War

Reena, a member of the Revolutionary Association of the women of Afghanistan (RAWA), will address American audiences via live video stream on Friday, Oct. 7, 2011 at 10pm EST/11 pm AST.

Israel has detained the crew of the Dignité including Canadian Stephan Corriveau

Organizers with the Canada Boat to Gaza have confirmed that the Israeli Navy has used water cannons on the captain and crew of the Dignité and that the crew is now being detained by the Israeli government. Stephan Corriveau from Montreal was on the French Boat, The Dignité, which managed to get out of Greek [...]

Retreating from Kandahar to take Tripoli

Canadian military forces have handed over combat command in Kandahar to take a lead role in NATO operations in Libya.

NATO Says Airstrike in Afghan Province Killed Women and Children

NATO forces said Thursday that they had unwittingly killed several women and children a day earlier during an early morning air attack against militants in a remote corner of eastern Afghanistan. The American-led coalition also said it was investigating separate reports of civilian deaths in a nearby province.