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Burger King violates human rights and supports the coup in Honduras

Employees, already exploited by corporations that are supporting the military coup in Honduras, have been obliged to march in favor of the coup regime, dressed in white shirts! This is what happened to 35 men and women in Honduras, fired by Burger King in late August. None accepted to walk in the coup regime’s “white [...]

Union activist and Nestle worker assassinated in Colombia

Gustavo Gomez, Nestle worker and trade leader and activist was shot to death on Aug.21 when unknown gunmen knocked on his door. Gomez worked at the plant Nestle- Comestibles la Rosa S.A. in Dosquebradas, and was an active member of the National Food workers Union (Sinaltrainal). Brother Gomez had been a board member of the [...]

N.B. Federation of Labour Resolution on Security Certificates

The N.B. Federation of Labour, representing 35,000 workers in New Brunswick, recently passed a resolution against security certificates at their annual convention. Read the resolution here: N.B. Federation of Labour Resolution on Security Certificates

Release the Palestinian Activists Arrested in al-Ma’sara!

After arrests and injuries on Workers Day, Palestinian workers and activists call on trade unions around the globe to increase solidarity.

Harsha Walia: City is a sweatshop

Harsha Walia speaking on “Stolen Labour on Stolen Land” in Toronto. Three parts on No One is Illegal movement including migrant and indigenous alliances, strategies, and overcoming challenges.

May 1st Pay Equity Action – from your desk!

We’re calling on you to take part in a May 1st pay equity action – from the comfort of your home or work! This Friday, take a few minutes out of your day to send an e-mail, mail a letter, send a fax, or make a phone call to our Minister Responsible for the Status [...]

Europe’s far right on the march

Mark Seddon looks at how the far right is gaining ground amid Europe’s continuing economic crisis. The Mayor of Rome won on a far-right anti-immigrant, and environmentalist campaign. Liberalism seamlessly tilts into barbarism as the economy tanks. What is the alternative to attacking the most vulnerable during crisis? Peace Utopias by Rosa Luxembourg.

Female Garment Workers In Guatemala Sweatshop

National Labour Committee Report on the conditions of one sweatshop in Guatemala. Working 69 hour weeks and still living in abject poverty. This is not the case of a few bad capitalists, it is systemic.

High Tech Misery in China

The National Labour Committee report on working conditions in the factories where keyboards are made in China. Nominal 81 1/4 hour weeks, mandatory overtime, fines for such trivial infractions as putting ones hands in their pockets, or raising head from work when guests visit the factory. The largest fines come from organizing unions, handing out [...]

Thailand: Red Shirt democratic movement faces armed might of the ruling elites

Red shirts want democracy and universal health care. The yellow shirts are the elite who support the monarchy want to reserve the right to use the military to overthrow any government that does not do what is wanted by the elite. The military is used against the red shirts.