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No Matter Who Is President of Iran, They Would Stone Me

As an Iranian woman, I require big changes in order to convince myself that a change in president would mean an improvement of my basic rights as human being inside Iran.

Is Obama Screwing His Base with Rahm Emanuel Selection?

Stephen Zunes: I had really wanted to celebrate Barack Obama’s remarkable victory for a day or so before becoming cynical again. I really did. And yet, less than 24 hours after the first polls closed, the president-elect chose as his chief of staff — perhaps the most powerful single position in any administration — Rahm [...]

Remember when voting

Re: Stephen Harper’s record Stephen Harper has been quoted as saying he “didn’t get into politics to be loved.” Good thing, I say, because I have a list of 52 actions he has taken since coming into power that affect all of us. Here are a few from the list. The occupation of Afghanistan, military [...]

US Support for Militant Groups in Iran

The USA is funding underground activities in Iran with a view to toppling the regime in Teheran. In doing so, it is supporting groups that Washington would normally classify as Islamist and terrorist.

A Pipeline Through a Troubled Land

Afghanistan, Canada and the New Great Energy Game Energy economist John Foster says the (so-called Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India or TAPI) pipeline is part of a wider struggle by the United States to counter the influence of Russia and Iran over energy trade in the region…The US government is eager to block a competing pipeline that would bring [...]

New agreement lets US strike any country from inside Iraq

A proposed Iraqi-American security agreement will include permanent American bases in the country, and the right for the United States to strike, from within Iraqi territory, any country it considers a threat to its national security, Gulf News has learned.

Middle East Geopolitics

Speech by Robert Fisk, with introduction by Noam Chomsky. Some snippets of Robert Fisk’s over 1000 page long “The Great War For Civilization: Conquest of the Middle East”. Good clips, watch them!

Hands Off Iran

Chris Hedges for the Nation: I will not pay my income tax if we go to war with Iran. I realize this is a desperate and perhaps futile gesture. But an attack on Iran–which appears increasingly likely before the coming presidential election–will unleash a regional conflict of catastrophic proportions. This war, and especially Iranian retaliatory [...]

Attacking Iran for Israel?

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is at her mushroom-cloud hyperbolic best, and this time Iran is the target.

War with Iran on CNN

The U.S attack strategy for war on Iran has been in place for some time now.