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Twelve Years Too Many! Frederictonians support security certificate detainee Mohammad Mahjoub

Fredericton rallies in support of security certificate detainee Mohammad Mahjoub as he marks 12 years of detention without charge

What: Press briefing, street theatre and mic check When: 12:30-1:00pm, Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 (12th anniversary of Mahjoub’s arrest and International Day in Support of Victims of Torture) Where: Fredericton City Hall, corner of Queen and York. Who: Josephine Savarese, Fredericton Peace Coalition and STU Professor of Criminology, Michel Boudreau, N.B. Federation of Labour, Alex [...]

Fredericton Peace Coalition supports Abousfian Abdelrazik

Dear Abousfian and supporters, We are writing this letter to denounce in the strongest of terms the leak of false secret information about Abousfian Abdelrasik, which led to two La Presse articles being published that link Abdelrazik to unsubstantiated claims. The timing of this smear campaign coincides with Abdelrazik’s application to get off the UN [...]

Fredericton Peace Coalition supports Adil Charkaoui

We are writing this letter to denounce in the strongest of terms the leak of false secret information about Adil Charkaoui which led to the La Presse article of 4 August 2011 entitled “Une conversation compromettante entre Charkaoui et Abdelrazik” by Pierre-André Normandin. We also denounce Jason Kenney’s assertion that people are misguided if they [...]

Leak of defamatory information: A recurring nightmare

The Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui is outraged by the leak of a secret document containing completely false allegations against Montrealer Adil Charkaoui, whose security certificate case was struck down in 2009. Noting that an almost identical leak happened in 2007, the Coalition is calling for a public inquiry and asking other Canadians to join [...]

‘I’m dying inside,’ Harkat says

Mohamed Harkat’s family and supporters vowed Friday to fight on despite this week’s Federal Court finding that the Ottawa man is a member of the Osama bin Laden terrorist network.

Closed doors, open debate

“It is called “a reasonableness hearing” — a chance for terror suspects facing deportation to make their case — but it seemed more like something out of a Kafka novel when Mohamed Harkat tried to do so in an Ottawa courtroom earlier this year. Harkat, 42, an Algerian immigrant who arrived in Canada as a [...]

Border agency alleges national security certificate detainee breached bail

Canadian authorities are accusing an Egyptian man who is under stringent house arrest as a threat to national security of breaching his bail conditions for having plastic toy guns in his home. In a move Mahmoud Jaballah’s son denounced as ridiculous, the Canada Border Services Agency is asking the courts to seize more than $43,000 [...]

Former terror detainee Hassan Almrei sues feds for false imprisonment

A Syrian-born man who was held for more than eight years on a national security certificate, only to be released without charge, is suing the federal government for negligence and false imprisonment. Hassan Almrei, who spent much of the time in solitary confinement, filed the claim Tuesday in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, citing [...]

Harkat terror case takes serious hit

U.S. report says his reputed al-Qaeda associate actually had no ties to terrorist group