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Case against Charkaoui crumbling: Government admits lack of evidence

“I am relieved but also shocked by the recent revelations by the government. They have previously destroyed evidence in the file; now the Ministers have admitted in writing that they have insufficient evidence. Was it necessary to wait ten years before admitting the absence of proof?” stated Charkaoui. “Whether the certificate is quashed or revoked, [...]

Adil Charkaoui’s visit to Fredericton

Adil Charkaoui, one of the men held on security certificates, spoke in Fredericton on Tuesday, June 2. The talk was hosted by the Fredericton Peace Coalition. Adil’s public lecture at Renaissance College began at 7:00 pm. Dave Steele, who introduced Adil, opened with news that the N.B. Federation of Labour had just passed a resolution [...]

Adil Charkaoui asks federal government to abolish security certificate process

“The purpose of this Canadian tour is simple,” said Charkaoui at a news conference this morning. “I want to talk directly to Canadians, to show them that I was treated unfairly by their government, by our government.”

N.B. Federation of Labour Resolution on Security Certificates

The N.B. Federation of Labour, representing 35,000 workers in New Brunswick, recently passed a resolution against security certificates at their annual convention. Read the resolution here: N.B. Federation of Labour Resolution on Security Certificates

Coalition renews call for end to secret trials

The federal government must abolish security certificates and apologize for its treatment of five men detained under the controversial process, say human and legal rights advocates on a cross-country tour to build public support.

Adil Charkaoui affirme qu’il a été forcé de débarquer d’un avion domestique

Il quittait Frederiction lorsque l’avion a fait demi-tour après 45 minutes de vol. Il affirme qu’il était le seul passager forcé de débarquer de l’avion. “Lorsque j’ai demandé pourquoi, la compagnie aérienne a refusé de me fournir des explications”, a dit Charkaoui, en entrevue à La Presse Canadienne. Ce dernier a toutefois refusé de nommer [...]

CSIS failed to give judge info on Almrei

Canada’s spy agency says it failed to tell a Federal Court judge that an informant against a Syrian-born terror suspect failed a lie detector test, and that a second informant didn’t undergo a polygraph examination that CSIS claimed was given.

New evidence prompts calls for greater scrutiny of CSIS

New revelations about the government’s mishandling of evidence in a second high-profile terrorism case are prompting calls for an independent investigation into Canada’s spy service. The Toronto Star has learned that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service admitted it failed to disclose evidence that a confidential informant was “deceptive” in answering questions and that a second [...]

Federal Court Decision on Mohamed Harkat

The Court concludes that the search of Mr. Harkat’s residence conducted on May 12, 2009, infringed Mr. Harkat’s rights under section 8 of the Charter. The Court therefore orders that all information, items and records seized by the Canadian Border Services Agency be returned to Mr. Harkat forthwith.

Judge describes raid on Harkat’s home as ‘most intrusive’

Last month’s raid on accused terrorist Mohamed Harkat’s home by Canadian border agents was “the most intrusive,” a Federal Court judge said Wednesday.