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Feds tell immigration officers to treat U.S. deserters as criminals

Still, Michelle Robidoux of the War Resisters Support Campaign said the directive smacked of politics. “Why create this new, high-profile contentious case pool for military resisters?” she asked. “To me it’s an ideological thing. It not based on need because there is already a process in place for screen out people who are criminally inadmissible.”

War resister wins another shot at permanent residence

” The Federal Court of Appeal ruled unanimously Tuesday that a Canadian immigration official failed to consider the hardships of high-profile American deserter Jeremy Hinzman when she denied him permanent residence in Canada. The court said the official’s June 2009 rejection of Hinzman’s permanent residence application was “significantly flawed” because the officer did not take [...]

Man Reported Police Sexual Assault Against His Girlfriend, Now Faces Deportation

“Abel Moreno showed immense bravery, the kind of courage that most people do not have. His actions helped other victims feel as though they could come forward and speak of what was done to them. His actions undoubtedly prevented countless other women from being similarly assaulted by someone in a position of power. Because of [...]

Support Bill C-440 – Let War Resisters stay in Canada

We have exciting news! On May 25, Parliament will begin the second reading of Bill C-440, in support of U.S. war resisters in Canada. If passed, C-440 will give the weight of law to the two motions already passed by the House of Commons in support of U.S. Iraq War resisters. The bill will not [...]

Vietnam Veteran Ron Kovic salutes U.S. Iraq War resisters in Canada on 7th Anniversary of invasion

Youtube video: Vietnam Veteran Ron Kovic salutes U.S. Iraq War resisters in Canada on 7th Anniversary of invasion

US politicians condemn Afghanistan war

Progressive US legislators have branded Washington’s military presence in Afghanistan an unconstitutional “foreign occupation” and warned that “history shows all empires end because they expand too far.”

Thurs, Feb 25: War Resisters

The Fredericton Peace Coalition and the War Resisters Support Campaign are co-sponsoring a public forum in support of Bill C-440, the private member’s bill calling on the government to allow US war resisters to stay in Canada. Similar events are being organized across Canada to build public support for the bill. Please join us for [...]

Stop naval base construction on Jeju Island, South Korea

*Update: The Jeju village has just been attacked by police and many villagers jailed…bulldozers are primed to destroy the land….see details and action request at *APPEAL TO STOP NAVY BASE CONSTRUCTION ON JEJU ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA* We, the undersigned global organizations and individuals, call upon the South Korean and US governments to cancel all [...]

War Resister Film

Thursday, Feb. 25th at 7pm Conserver House, 180 St. John St., Fredericton. Film screening featuring U.S. Iraq war resisters in Canada. Despite two majority votes of the Canadian parliament and clear support from the majority of the Canadian populace, the Harper Conservative government continues to deny safe haven to US war resisters who are refusing [...]

Ten Things the US Can and Should Do for Haiti

By Bill Quigley, ZSpace One. Allow all Haitians in the US to work. The number one source of money for poor people in Haiti is the money sent from family and workers in the US back home. Haitians will continue to help themselves if given a chance. Haitians in the US will continue to help [...]