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Olympic Resistance: Indigenous Groups, Anti-Poverty Activists, and Civil Liberties Advocates Protest 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver

Democracy Now: Our Olympic coverage begins today in the streets of Vancouver, where some say a historic convergence is taking place. Indigenous groups, anti-poverty activists and civil liberties advocates are some of the voices being heard in protests against the Olympic presence. Franklin Lopez of the Vancouver’s Media Co-op has been following the Olympic protests.

What Haiti needs

A shorter version of the letter below was published in New Brunswick’s provincial newspaper today: The Telegraph-Journal’s commentary page on Haiti today lacks the historical reflection and analysis needed to conclude what Haiti needs from Canada in a time of crisis. David Brooks incredibly blames Haitian culture for their plight today. Hassan Arif cites [...]

Make Poverty Reduction Report Public

Phase II Roundtable sessions document on the Poverty Reduction Initiative needs to be made public. Twenty-four (24) organizations have signed an open letter asking the Premier Shawn Graham to release publicly the Options Report that has been drafted by participants at the Roundtables.

Slingshot Rhymes from Palestine

Palestinian hip hop is on the rise, gaining popularity around the world as the international movement against Israeli apartheid picks up steam. Read this interview with the filmmaker of Slingshot Hip Hop. Cinema Politica Fredericton & Fredericton Palestine Solidarity are screening: SLINGSHOT HIP HOP SATURDAY, SEPT 26 AT 7:00 PM CONSERVER HOUSE, 180 ST. JOHN [...]

Homeless relocations part of 2010 Games security plan

There may be a few instances where homeless people are impacted because they’re in close proximity,” Sweeney said. City workers and Vancouver police will help affected people find shelter or relocate, but individuals could be arrested if they refuse, the deputy police chief added. Relocations were just one of many issues at an often heated [...]

Canada contributes to Haitian apocalypse

Roger Annis: I congratulate you and your feature writer Roberta Staley for reporting on the deplorable conditions in Haiti today [“Haiti’s road to ruin”, December 11-18]. I do wish the writer had probed more deeply her suggestion that foreign interference shares some blame for the situation.

Afghan Parents Selling Their Sons to Survive

While girls are are rarely traded, boys can fetch substantial sums – at least in the eyes of the poor couples who give up a child simply to allow the rest of the family to survive. Mr Mohammed said: “I sold a piece of my heart to stop my four other children dying of hunger. [...]

Poverty on the rise in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has expressed concerns over the increasing poverty in the country. Poverty hits over 37 percent of Afghan people. Nazanin said she had to sell one of her daughters to pay her debts. She said she also has to sell her other daughters to survive. According to the latest report [...]

John Pilger: Kafka has a rival. The Foreign Office lectures us on human rights

Today (December 1), a surreal event will take place in the centre of London. The Foreign Office is holding an open day “to highlight the importance of Human Rights in our work as part of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. There will be no stall for history, for our memory. [...]

Starvation slams Haiti: Kids dying after 4 storms ravage crops, livestock

The slow road to death runs high above the scenic coastline, past the crumbled bridges and buried rivers. It traverses a jagged trail passing green slopes and red fertile dirt before arriving here: an isolated mountain village where little Haitian girls dream of eating rice and the doctor is a three-hour walk away.