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Action Alert: Proposed Immigration Act Jails Refugees, Separates Families, Keeps People Sick

Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney have proposed a new Immigration Act, Bill C-49. It would allow the Minister of Public Safety to declare any group of migrants coming in to Canada, a ‘smuggling incident’. There is no definition of a ‘smuggler’ in this Act. For the asylum seekers who are declared part of an incident [...]

Stop the deportation of José Figueroa

“We’re asking for your solidarity with a Salvadorean brother, José Figueroa, who was associated with the FMLN in the 1980s and who (along with his wife) is under a deportation order given the conclusion by Canadian authorities that the FMLN has committed acts of terrorism. Perhaps you already know a bit about the case, given [...]

Closed doors, open debate

“It is called “a reasonableness hearing” — a chance for terror suspects facing deportation to make their case — but it seemed more like something out of a Kafka novel when Mohamed Harkat tried to do so in an Ottawa courtroom earlier this year. Harkat, 42, an Algerian immigrant who arrived in Canada as a [...]

“We say welcome”: Report from national day of action for Tamil asylum seekers

On Saturday August 21st, close to 250 people gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Coast Salish Territories as part of a National Day of Action to demand the release of detained Tamil asylum seekers and an end to racist and restrictive refugee policies.

Let the Tamil migrants stay

The Canadian Peace Alliance, Canada’s largest peace network, urges the government of Canada to respect the human rights of the Tamil refugees arriving in British Colombia. The Tamil people have already endured decades of repression at the hands of the Sri Lankan government, culminating in a war in 2009 which resulted in thousands of civilian [...]

Why should we welcome boatful of Tamil refugees into Canada

Harsha Wali: Instead of relying on sensationalism, let us ask: On what basis are the Tamil migrants being declared terrorists? Is it even logical that well-financed and often state-backed terrorists or traffickers would suffer in a three-month long, arduous journey risking death? Even if we believe that women and children were forced onto this boat, [...]

Uphold the Rights of Tamil Migrants aboard MV Sun Sea!

Approximately 200-500 Tamils have risked their lives in an extremely long and dangerous journey looking for a place where they can live in safety. We say: LET THEM STAY! No One is Illegal calls on all allies, fighters, trouble makers and social justice activists to organize and fight the racist and anti-immigrant sentiments and policies [...]

Border agency alleges national security certificate detainee breached bail

Canadian authorities are accusing an Egyptian man who is under stringent house arrest as a threat to national security of breaching his bail conditions for having plastic toy guns in his home. In a move Mahmoud Jaballah’s son denounced as ridiculous, the Canada Border Services Agency is asking the courts to seize more than $43,000 [...]

Former terror detainee Hassan Almrei sues feds for false imprisonment

A Syrian-born man who was held for more than eight years on a national security certificate, only to be released without charge, is suing the federal government for negligence and false imprisonment. Hassan Almrei, who spent much of the time in solitary confinement, filed the claim Tuesday in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, citing [...]

Bill C-11 could harm vulnerable refugees

The Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) is inviting organizations to sign on to an open letter outlining concerns with Bill C-11, which will significant change the refugee determination system. The letter is available at The bill contains some positive elements, but also some measures that could put some refugees, particularly the most vulnerable, at [...]