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Anti-terror terror

by Stefan Christoff in the Hour “The Conservative government has reintroduced two controversial provisions within the post-9/11 Anti-Terrorism Act. If passed, the recently tabled legislation would once again extend policing powers like investigative hearings and preventive arrests. These extraordinary measures expired in March 2007 when the opposition parties at the time refused to reaffirm them.”

Leonard Peltier Attacked

Betty Peltier-Solano: We feel that prison authorities at the prompting of the FBI orchestrated this attack and thus, we are greatly concerned about his safety. It may be that the attackers, whom Leonard did not even know, were offered reduced sentences for carrying out this heinous assault. Since Leonard is up for parole soon, this [...]

Soldier’s report casts doubt on Khadr guilt

GUANTANAMO BAY—A U.S. soldier reported that he accidentally stepped on Omar Khadr following a firefight in Afghanistan because Khadr was covered in rubble, casting doubt on whether the 15-year-old Canadian could have thrown the grenade that fatally wounded Delta Force soldier Christopher Speer.

Free Mario Masuku

Mario Masuku is the President of the Peoples’ United Democratic Movement – Insika Yenkhululeko YeMaswati – of Swaziland. For 25 years this organisation has been banned in Swaziland because political parties are illegal. PUDEMO has called for multi-party democracy since its formation, it believes a government should be of the people and for the people. [...]

John Pilger: Kafka has a rival. The Foreign Office lectures us on human rights

Today (December 1), a surreal event will take place in the centre of London. The Foreign Office is holding an open day “to highlight the importance of Human Rights in our work as part of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. There will be no stall for history, for our memory. [...]

Who Cares about Omar Khadr?

The case is insane for several reasons: 1) He is a child soldier, which means he is a victim of war not a war criminal. 2) Evidence was changed to make him the only person by inference who might have thrown a hand grenade.There is no witness that he did. 3) Soldiers killed while attacking [...]

No doubt it’s torture, says U.S. journalist after trying waterboarding

Christopher Hitchens, a Washington-based journalist known for his support of the Iraq war and the U.S. war on terror, has subjected himself to waterboarding. The experiment was done in answer to critics who challenged him to try it after he defended U.S. treatment of Muslim prisoners.

Report: Exams prove abuse, torture in Iraq, Gitmo

The most extensive medical study of former U.S. detainees published so far, Physicians for Human Rights had doctors and mental health professionals examine 11 former prisoners. One former detainee reported being subjected to electric shocks three times and being sodomized with a stick. His thumbs bore round scars consistent with shocking. All 11 former detainees [...]

Amnesty International- James Corey Glass has right not to serve in Iraq

“Amnesty International is of the view that the right to refuse to perform military service for reasons of conscience is inherent in the notion of freedom of thought, conscience and religion as recognised in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political [...]

As Health Deteriorates, Jailed Palestinian Professor Sami Al-Arian Enters 54th Day of Hunger Strike to Protest Indefinite Imprisonment

DN!: Sami Al-Arian is in dire condition. The jailed Palestinian professor has lost over 50 pounds as he enters the 54th day of a hunger strike to protest the circumstances of his continued imprisonment. We speak with his wife, Nahla Al-Arian.