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Urgent Action: Human Rights Violations Against Anti-Mining Activist

Agustín Ríos Cruz is an odontologist (graduate of the Benito Juárez University of Oaxaca) and member of the CODEP-APPO (Coordinadora de Defensa de los Pueblos). Agustín Ríos had taken the charge of investigating the environmental impacts of mining projects, both open-pit mines and industrialized tunnel mining. His work was spurred by the presence of a [...]

Police Raid Communities around Trinidad Mine

Early on the morning of May 6, a helicopter was spotted flying low near the Canadian-owned Trinidad Mine in San José del Progreso, Mexico. In the hours following, approximately 150 trucks filled with between 740 and 2,500 police arrived at the mine site. The silver mine has been peacefully blockaded by community members since March [...]

Canada’s Mining Continuum

It is an open secret that throughout the Americas and the world, people are struggling against the intrusion of Canadian mining companies and their short term “get the gold and get out” strategies. The backlash against Canadian mining companies has, in some cases (particularly in Guatemala and Peru), strengthened broader social and political movements re-vindicating [...]

Mexican Police Violently Block Protest March in Oaxaca

DN!: In the Mexican city of Oaxaca, at least 50 people have been injured and 60 detained after police violently blocked a march led by local teachers and members of APPO, the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca. There are reports that one protester died. The Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights [...]

OAXACA – Family of Murdered Journalist Brad Will to Visit Mexico

The family of Bradley Roland Will, the independent US photojournalist shot and killed October 27, 2006, in Oaxaca, will visit Mexico from March 19th to March 23rd, 2007. The purpose of the Will family’s visit is to push for a legitimate investigation into Brad’s murder and to insist that the responsible parties be held accountable.

Repression in Oaxaca

Rights Action presents here interviews, articles and other information related to the human rights and humanitarian situation in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico. Much of this information was received during the December 16-22, 2006 Emergency Delegation to Oaxaca that Rights Action sponsored.

“Security” and “Prosperity” Partership Ministers meeting in Ottawa on Friday Feb 23rd!

(français ci-dessous) “Security” and “Prosperity” Partership Ministers meeting in Ottawa on Friday Feb 23rd! Get on the bus to Ottawa and confront Condoleeza Rice, Peter Mackay, Stockwell Day, US secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and others! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT ON THE BUS, EMAIL or call 514 848 7583 [pay what you [...]

Torture and Tourism in Oaxaca

THE STUDENT OF TORTURE GETS TORTURED (Testimony, Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, December 19, 2006) In the city of Tlaxiaco, one victim of illegal detention and torture after another speaks to our emergency human rights delegation. Some stop in the middle of the hard parts to cry; some listening cry. Hard stories. Cuitlahuac Santiago Mariscal, a teacher with [...]

Thousands March on Day of Solidarity With Oaxaca

DN!: In southern Mexico’s Oaxaca City, supporters of the People¹s Popular Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) again took to the streets Friday to demand the resignation of Gov. Ulises Ruiz, the release of political prisoners and the withdrawal of federal police. Democracy Now! producer Elizabeth Press files a report from the streets of Oaxaca.

DN!: Oaxaca Protesters Describe Jail Beatings, Abuse by Police

“In Mexico, the government has released 42 protesters two weeks after they were rounded up during a demonstration in Oaxaca. Many of those released say they were beaten in jail and describe abuse at the hands of police. Democracy Now! producer, Elizabeth Press and journalist and Global Exchange Human Rights Fellow, John Gibler file a [...]