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What does NB Power have to do with the extinction of the Wayúu in Colombia?

“We fear the Wayúu will become completely extinct,” warned Angélica Ortiz at a special hearing of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington, D.C. this past March. The Constitutional Court of Colombia agrees with Ortiz’s assessment. In 2009, the court named 34 indigenous nations in Colombia – including the Wayúu – to be in [...]

If the US is the world’s policeman, Canada is the world’s miner

“Earlier this week, now-resigned Federal Environmental Minister Jim Prentice announced the rejection of Taseko’s proposed $1 billion open-pit gold and copper Prosperity mine in the interior of BC. The project called for the use of Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) as a tailings pond to dump over 700 hundred million tons of waste. This would have [...]

Stop Canadian companies’ rights abuses

“Then on Nov. 27, 2009, 52-year-old Mariano Abarco was shot to death in front of his home, leaving me and my three siblings without a father. Just days before his murder, my father sought legal protection against two Blackfire employees for threatening to shoot him if he didn’t stop organizing local farmers protesting the loss [...]

Son of dead anti-mining activist in Canada lobbying for tougher laws

While Canadian lawmakers prepare to vote on the controversial C-300 Bill later this month, the son of a murdered Mexican mining activist has ended a week-long trip to Toronto and Ottawa seeking to bolster support for the bill.

Native women ‘disappear’ in Canada

On the International Day of the Displaced, activists say fate of hundreds of missing indigenous women must be examined

Guatemalan Women Speak Out Against Rape

Elders weep during a ceremony held last spring, after women from the community testified that they were gang raped by a Canadian-owned mine’s security guards in January 2007. Photo: Nathan Einbinder.

Debunking ‘white man’s truth’

“They call it the Siege of Fort Battleford, one of the best-known events of the Northwest Rebellion, and Parks Canada will re-enact it again this weekend from the point of view of the terrified settlers within the fort’s palisades. But this year, the rebellion’s 125th anniversary, at least one aboriginal historian has had enough. Tyrone [...]

NB Media Co-op: Project Hero, education and occupation

“Canada is limiting access to post-secondary education by systematically underfunding it. The children of Canadians working in the military deserve a free education, but they also deserve more. They deserve to have their parents. They deserve an end to our imperialist war in Afghanistan. First Nations and Afghans both deserve the right to self-determination and [...]

“You are just a woman”

Carmen Mejía walks two hours to work everyday. She works for an organization currently under attack for its support of indigenous communities affected by the Canadian-owned Goldcorp Marlin gold and silver open-pit mine located in the Western Guatemalan highlands. The 25 year old daughter of campesinos and mother of a five year old learned about [...]

Support the First Nations University

Both the Federal Government and the Provincial Government have decide to cut funding to First Nations University because of administrative problems. However, it is clear that education is one of the only solutions to continued problems in Canada’s aboriginal communities. Please consider lending your support to this cause. Please see the following website for updates [...]