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UAE ‘boosting military imports’

The United Arab Emirates has become the world’s third-largest importer of weapons after China and India, rising from 16th place in just four years, a Swedish think tank, the Stockholm International Peace Research Insititute (Sipri), says. The UAE bought 80 F-16E combat aircraft from the United States and 50 Mirage 2000-9 fighters from France over [...]

The ABC video of the Torture by Sheik Issa/Should the US provide nuclear technology to such a regime?

Here is the story about the US providing nuclear technology to Abu Dhabi. The UAE has harsh penalties for criticising the Royal family. Any claims that NATO’s invasion of Afghanistan is for any reason other than naked imperialist self-interest is clearly bogus. There are no humanitarian wars.

UAE prince caught red-handed on torture video

The UAE Prince was allegedly short-changed on a grain deal with and Afghan business man. So he beat him with a board and nails, poured salt in his wounds, lit him on fire, electrocuted him and drove over him with a luxury SUV. “UAE is one of the closest allies of the US in the [...]