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No Olympic Truce in Marjah

By the Canadian Peace Alliance While our Prime Minister talks about the the “Olympic Truce”, a symbolic suspension of war during the winter games, the people of Afghanistan are facing a new wave of violence. The official website for the 2010 Winter Olympics claims that “Vancouver 2010 aims to pursue the Olympic Truce ( goals [...]

Olympic Resistance: Indigenous Groups, Anti-Poverty Activists, and Civil Liberties Advocates Protest 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver

Democracy Now: Our Olympic coverage begins today in the streets of Vancouver, where some say a historic convergence is taking place. Indigenous groups, anti-poverty activists and civil liberties advocates are some of the voices being heard in protests against the Olympic presence. Franklin Lopez of the Vancouver’s Media Co-op has been following the Olympic protests.

U.S. journalist says she was delayed at border, questioned about speech

Ms. Goodman characterized the questioning as an undue attack on the freedom of the press.

Homeless relocations part of 2010 Games security plan

There may be a few instances where homeless people are impacted because they’re in close proximity,” Sweeney said. City workers and Vancouver police will help affected people find shelter or relocate, but individuals could be arrested if they refuse, the deputy police chief added. Relocations were just one of many issues at an often heated [...]